It’s a “LEWK” Dolls xo

Fashion Illustration and captions by @hoodratken 

Hands down, here are my style essentials! Denim, fitted skirts, and gowns that drag the ground 💋

Who doesn’t love a wardrobe refresh? Is it time for you? Well, here are my favorite three looks to refresh every season.

LEWK #1 Serving cute casual fresh floral realness in a ash blue jean with jewel embroidered open toe pumps complementing the red hot frames and draped flowy floral cover up.

LEWK #2 Serving back to business realness in a white collared button down fitted black skirt with matching trench coat and sleek mini handbag bag paired with a golden pearl pump topped w/ a red lip. 

LEWK # 3 Serving lush classy glamour in a velvet deep basil gown accompanied by eye popping emerald jewels and open toe classy black pump.


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