How do you celebrate you?

It is essential that you take care of yourself because if you don’t, who will? Work has been crazy lately, and you have to pour yourself right back into it. In the process, you outwork your existence. You may be spearheading a team of creatives, writing tons of articles for your international clients, drinking coffee just to stay awake, solving creative puzzles, turning the pages of trades just to keep up with trends. And on other ends of work, you have deadlines to meet, and you are at the verge of losing your sanity because you have not given yourself enough grace of balancing rest with work.

Working too hard sometimes mean you don’t care for yourself enough, or that you don’t care about what remains of you when you stop working. It is however important that you celebrate the little and much efforts by having enough rest, taking yourself out and celebrating little wins.

Value Your Worth

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the three elements of your self—body, soul, spirit —means that you value yourself because that single act of kindness helps to reenergize you while boosting your confidence and self-esteem. Valuing your worth helps you to portray a picture of who you are to people who surround you and in a way, helps to command your respect. Also, it helps to estimate your needs and elastic points, that is, you know when to go on or when to stop.

Find the balance between work and life   

When you overwork, you suppress other virtues trapped in your body. Think of yourself as a large city, a beautiful one; work is just a tiny part of you. Letting work determine how you plan your life is not a healthy way to live, instead of allowing it to elevate you, it breaks your immunity, self-esteem and leaves you wasted. Take breaks, setting boundaries, having a stop time, having off days when you don’t actually work, and other professional self-care habits ensure balance between work and sanity.

Find the balance between living and existing

Some people have existed, and left this world silently, what will you be remembered for? No! People who impact do not outwork their selves, and it is a conscious effort to creating a change. However, amidst their respective social and personal responsibilities, they carve time to have fun, their own kind of fun. Read a book, carve out a new hobby, drink some booze with friends, meet new people, and other stuff can go a long way to being a creative way to having a more exciting life. Be your own hero, break away from just existing, and tenderly start living, one act at a time.

Care for your physical health

Celebrate your body by caring for it. Take healthy diets, work out or exercise regularly, have adequate periods of sleep, take careful measures to ensure that your hygiene is topnotch, etc. As you celebrate your mental health, adorn your body with it.

Better physical health

Self-care is not just about your mental health. It’s also about caring for your physical self, by eating healthy, taking adequate sleep, caring about your hygiene, exercising regularly, etc.

Glad you read this far. Celebrating yourself has a lot to do with carving new hobbies, recording your daily activity in a journal, early morning or late night jogs, meditating or exploring breathing exercises for 5-10 minutes, listening to music and spending dedicated time with yourself. The idea is that you will break your norm and have the best life you’ve always wanted.


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